• Planejamento Global do Empreendimento

    Overall Planning

    The team MINERBO-FUCHS budgeting - the budget together with the localization studies - to evaluate investment projects under construction and the industrial sector.
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  • Controle de Custos, Prazos e Segurança

    Control of Costs, Deadlines and Security

    The Minerbo-FUCHS provides services to work together on the monitoring and supervision of construction work, assembly and installations. Caution should be used with the correct implementation, involving the control of the bill.
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  • Assessoria para Aceitação de Obras

    Advice for Acceptance

    The Minerbo-FUCHS performs technical work of choosing suppliers / manufacturers, supply bids specifications, analysis and mapping of proposals, reports, project tracking and manufacturing, interim and final inspections.
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  • Preservação do Meio Ambiente


    Study and execution of works with minimal environmental impact.
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  • Estratégia para Contratação de Obras

    Strategy for Procurement of Works

    The team Minerbo-FUCHS, with the client, writes reviews of proposed construction, assembly, facilities, equipment and services, providing complete coverage technical.
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  • Assessoria e Análise de Propostas

    Advice and Analysis of Proposals

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